Thermoplastic materials, with long-fiber reinforcement (LFT), have made a major contribution to light weighting, replacing innumerable metal production components by equally-capable plastic counterparts.

Today the automotive market for LFT products account for ~200,000 Tons per annum.

As these plastic components and materials start to reach their fundamental limits, the next big advance in metal substitution in vehicle construction is expected to succeed only with a technological leap, namely, using continuous fiber reinforcement of injection or compression molded structures with thermoplastic composites.

Manna is developing a new manufacturing process for laminates using woven fiber fabrics, impregnated with thermoplastics resins.

This is better suited to quasi-isotropically loaded hybrid parts with large surface areas.

The new process is patent pending and based on unique solutions to reduce the currently relative high cost of the organo-sheets.

Manna's laminate will be used in the same way as existing materials and such will be formable, drapeable, with capability to be used in either compression molding or over molded Injection molding processes.

First production is scheduled for end of 2016. Samples for customer testing available upon request.