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What We Do

We specialize in developing cost-effective manufacturing processes and producing semi-finished products that allow industries to create more energy efficient products.

Our signature Formtex™ organo sheets are the ideal lightweight sustainable material for manufacturing structural and semi-structural auto parts. The fiber matrix and resin combination form a unique material that combines excellent tensile strength and stiffness, high impact resistance, and superior durability . Formtex™ organo sheets can be fully customized with tailored properties and functions. This enables automotive manufacturers to rely on thermoplastics even as they look towards the future of electric and connected cars.

While we are currently focused on enabling automobile manufacturers to access lightweight thermoplastics at an affordable price, our technology is applicable to a range of other industries. Potential applications include electrical and electronics production, building and construction, transportation, and the manufacturing of advanced consumer, sporting, defense and industrial goods.

We offer the resources to promote global manufacturing endeavors and support our customers worldwide. We provide close technical support to components manufacturers, Tier 1 system suppliers, and OEMs.