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Get to Know Formtex™ Organo Sheet

Formtex™ is a thermoplastic composite woven fabric and uni-directional tape organo sheet brought to you by Manna Green Momentum.

Automotive manufacturers are looking for lightweight thermoplastic materials that allow scalable manufacturing for high-volume production at an approachable price: Formtex™ is the solution. Formtex™ has the strength, stiffness, and durability that the industry requires, is lightweight, and is customizable to meet the expanding needs of consumers.

Low-Cost High-Yield Organo Sheets

Many companies still produce organo sheet woven fabric using intensive manufacturing methods. Manna Green Momentum, however, has invested in complex research and development resulting in a brand new process for the creation of organo sheets based on both woven fabric and uni-directional tape technologies. The innovative new material, called Formtex™, is created using an exclusive (patent-pending) two-step manufacturing process.

The groundbreaking technology reduces the resources involved in producing Formtex™ so large orders can be filled at relatively low cost. Manufacturers who were previously prevented from using organo sheets in their products because the price point was too high, can now expand product applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Technical Specifications

Formtex™ is a semi-raw laminate material made using advanced woven fabric or layered UD tape. The layers can be customized per part or industry requirement, making it ideal for quasi-isotropic loaded hybrid parts with large surface areas. The result is a high-tech affordable material that boasts outstanding quality and performance capabilities.

Formtex™ is available in a wide range of fiber/resin combinations and product formats. Fiber materials include E-glass and carbon, and resin materials include PP, PA6, PA66, HDPE, LDPE, and more.

The semi-raw material can be thermoformed into parts or cut to shape. Sheet thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 10mm depending on manufacturer requirements. Finishing options, including integrated color and surface effects, are fully customizable.

Performance Capabilities

The capabilities of Formtex™ organo sheets can be adapted to meet a variety of manufacturer’s needs. While Formtex™ is most commonly used for quasi-isotropic loaded parts with large surface areas, it can also be inserted over mold for local reinforcement designated areas.

Formtex™ fiber and matrix design can accommodate the need for location-specific strength, high-impact resistance, flame retardancy, and electrical and thermal conductivity.

Formtex™ Product Variations

Formtex™ is available in traditional flat organo sheet form ready to be thermoformed into parts or cut to shape. The multi-ply sheet ranges from 0.2mm to 10mm in thickness depending on manufacturer requirements. The Formtex™ finish can be customized with integrated color and surface effects.

Formtex™ Advantages:

  • 30-50% lighter than metal or steel of the same strength
  • Durable and non-corrosive
  • Compatible with compression or injection molding
  • Can be cut or draped into part shapes
  • Enables high-volume production at a low cost

Formtex™ Function Options Include:

  • Local and areal reinforcement
  • Heat reflection
  • Flame retardant capabilities
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
Formtex Organo Sheet Nomenclature